Unexpected Friendships Are the Best Ones…

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

So many couples ask us "Why is the engagement shoot so important"?

Francis Burn Photography, a featured Photograher with The Photog Finder, explains the journey from initial introductions to their free-fall into friendship.

When I took the plunge and began Francis Burn Photography to photograph weddings professionally, I never could have imagined the friends that I would make and how important that would be in capturing those candid shots!

Having Brides and Grooms feeling relaxed and happy to have you around, really reaps rewards when seeing the final shots.

I won’t lie, my wife planned almost every detail of our wedding, however the whole process showed me what a big part of the day photography is and how important it was that we got on with our photographer, who we now class as a friend. Needless to say, the Mrs did good!

I start getting to know couples right from the get-go. Normally, this is done over a coffee, however, more recently over a Socially Distant Facetime!

Sometimes couples will forget how important it is that they get on with their photographer; being a fan of their photos just isn’t going to be enough if your photographer turns up and you can’t stand their company!

A quick chat over a coffee is the perfect opportunity to ensure that we’re compatible and that they want to go ahead with inviting me to the biggest day of their lives!

I’ve found that ‘engagement shoots’ or ‘pre-shoots’ are invaluable for breaking down those walls and getting a laugh out of nervous couples. That apprehension is common in most couples. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a lens. Who would have thought after an hour or two in the park or woods, you could get to know someone so well? It's an opportunity to get the couple clued-up on how things will go on the day (even the most natural looking shots may need a teeeeny bit of direction to end up with those perfect bridal photos!), have a bit of

a laugh and to get them comfortable in front of the camera. The benefit of going through these things in a pre-shoot is that I can be as unobtrusive as possible on the day. We know each other and we all know the score.

Looking for a photographer can be a daunting task, especially when all we show are photos that we have taken to represent ourselves. We are asking to be at your special day, from morning to night and you are expected to make that decision based on "some photos". But, I love letting couples in, showing them a little bit of me as a person, a husband and a dad - not just the Francis Burn Photography business. I hope that by doing so, I can put couples at ease and reduce their stress slightly... at what is understandably, a very stressful time!

Using a site such as helps couples narrow search results down massively when looking for a photographer that offers a pre-shoot as a service as I know many photographers are unable to offer this. Couples can be confident that they will get the opportunity to meet the person that will be capturing their memories for them.

Any effort I can make to put a couple at ease, is rewarded tenfold when I get a call from that couple further down the line.

I’ve already done an engagement shoot with them...

I've photographed their wedding...

Then they wanted me to capture their growing bump after becoming pregnant with their first child. What an honor!

For them it was a call to a photographer they have grown to know rather well. For me it reinforces that I am doing something right.

I’ve watched this family grow, not only from two to three, but from strangers to friends.

The best friendships are the unexpected ones!

Written by: Francis Burn Photography

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